Thursday, 11 September 2008

Ramadan: Busy and life

Ramadan schedule here in the UK is no much different from the other parts of the world, but in one aspect that you are out during the day and can simply see people eating and drinking, having their normal life, and you simply look different, of course not in appearance but simply inside,
I was out with the family and my wife just happened to suggest me to take here to Primark as she wants to buy some stuff for the kids. Well, let me think about it,,,,it is almost 4 PM now and Maghrib is in 3 and half hrs, so do you think it is a good idea, i said,
"O yea" she cheered and being the FATHER I had to go with the crowd. Well, I cannot deny I enjoy shopping sometimes but that one was such a boring experience and I was feeling very dizzy.....i ended up asking her to pick up whatever she wants and give us a quick move,,,,
Back home, I mean in Egypt, it was never like this as shopping was Ramadan oriented ,,,,it is a difference,,, living in Ramadan and living Ramadan

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